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Altough we also have stock items, we are about full customization. We make most of our bags after personal orders. You can customize your bag in a lot of ways.
You can choose the main outer color, the inner color, the trim color and the velcro color of your bag.
We can make almost any custom embroidery design on you bag also. There are two ways of making the design. For the larger patterns, we cut every part from CORDURA®, and stitch them on the bag to make the design. For small, detailed designs or text embroideries, we use an embroidery machine. We use both methods together to make a complicated design. If you are placing and order for several bags with the same design (messenger companies) we can also print your logo on the bag flaps.
The surcharge of the embroidery/print work depends on how difficult the design is. Send us a picture, a sketch about it and we’ll give you the exact price.
You can work on these blank bag pictures with your graphic software, or just print it out and draw on it.
For graphical softwares: vector based PDF
To draw on: PNG 
During the years we've made tons of nice custom designed bags. You can find the best ones here: custom bag gallery
You can customize any of our products under the customize menu in the webshop.

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The Chef food delivery backpack | Customized


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Delivering food? Look no further for a decent bag for the job. The Chef offers a huge, expandable capacity so you can carry pizza boxes up to 40cm, while offering a huge volume to carry all the stuff that you’ll ever need to take wih you.

The outer side pockets keeps safe your water bottle, U-lock, bicycle tools. Huge front pocket with velcro for personal belongings not to be mixed with deliveries.
The Chef is the usual two layers construction, tarpaulin inside and cordura from the outside layer. Bag top has a rolltop closing with a large buckle. Optional thermo padded layer between the outer and inner layers to keep your food deliveries warm.

Padding on the back and a removable plastic sheet in the back padding is default – the plastic keeps the shape of the bag even when it is empty. Waist and chest straps are removable.




 We use CORDURA® material as the outer layer of our bags. Military clothing and equipment are also made from it. UV-resistant, highly wear-resistant, impregnated material. The inner layer is made of waterproof tarpaulin. The larger bags are lined with a thicker truck tarpaulin, while the smaller ones are lined with a thinner, more wrinkle-resistant, lighter tarpaulin. On the messenger bag, the inner and outer layers are sewn separately, and we only join them together at the turn-off part, so the inner layer 'floats' inside the bag - so rainwater cannot seep in through the seams. The shoulder straps of our bags are made of seat belt webbing. The reflective strips come from 3M, the zippers and velcro are YKK products. Our suppliers of plastic accessories and buckles are Duraflex and YKK.The Chef bag is made of CORDURA® outer and thin tarpaulin inner layer - this makes it a light, yet strong and durable bag



At the front of the bag, there is a large, waterproof, velcro pocket for personal items.

Each side has 2-2 pockets for U-locks and other tools.

Inside you will find two mesh pockets, these open from the top, you can easily find anything inside.

Shoulder Straps


The Chef's back is equipped with foam, removable chest and waist straps. The shoulder strap of the bag is padded with a thick, 10 mm sponge for extra comfortable wear.

Optional Extras


Individual colors: Create your own Chef bag

Extra thermo layer: which helps keep the food inside warm.

Inner padded back pocket: practical when carrying heavy or angular objects. The sponge is located between the pack and your back, making your bag even more comfortable.

Inner zipper pocket: this is a small swing pocket inside the bag.

Secret pocket: only you will know where it is.

Laptop holder: if you provide the exact dimensions of your laptop, we will make a laptop case for you.

U-lock holder: this is an adjustable strap into which you can slide your U-lock from above.

Key clip

Airflow pack padding: This is made from a special material that allows your back to breathe even under the bag.

Pocket behind the back padding: zippered pocket on the outside of the bag, under the back pading. There is also enough space for A4 papers, it opens with a zipper.

Lifetime guarantee

At Bagaboo we are so committed to the quality of our products, that our company provides to all a lifetime guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with the product when you receive it, or it doesn't perform as expected, return it for replacement, repair or refund. We have built our reputation by the quality and durability of our products. Our Lifetime Guarantee covers all of our products, from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

Lifetime Guarantee does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, accidents, improper care or non-standard usage.

Size chart

41x41cm bottom, 70cm (height when closed), 90cm (height while open)
16.1″ x 16.1″ bottom, 27.5″ (height when closed),35.4″ (height while open)
Capacity: 92 liters, 5600 cu.in (closed), 148 liters, 9030 cu.in (open, fully loaded)