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Our Story

We started making messenger bags in 2005.

How it's made

It is quite a hard job to make a decent messenger bag. Bicycle messengers put a tough abuse on their gear and it needs to take this, 24/7 a week, long years. They take it off and on 30-40 times a day. Using the pocket zippers and adjusting the shoulder strap in every 15 minutes during their 8 hour shift. Our products can take this. This is the quality that you're buying when purchasing a bagaboo. We are always using the toughest materials to make our bags and accessories. No compromise on this. Our bags are designed to wear during hard conditions, cold winter, rainy spring and hot summer days. Manufacturing is done in our own workshop. No work is outsourced, everything is made in Budapest, Hungary. We cut the materials with a scissor - no mass production. One person makes your bag from stratch till the end. We do final check every single piece again before packing it. This guarantees the best quality that we can make. Small manufacturing helps us to make customized products. You can choose your own colors for a custom made bag - no extra cost for that! We can also make custom designs, prints, embroideries on your customized bag for an extra fee. We have in-stock bags and accessories in our webshop and you can always create your own, custom bag with unique colors. Turnaround time for the custom items may vary, but usually between 3-4 weeks.