Products / Accessories
Laptop sleeve
Removable laptop insert for any bag type.
Tablet sleeve
Padded sleeve for your tablet: iPad, iPad mini and Kindle size. Custom sizes also available.
Bagatoe pedal straps
Pedal straps for your bicycle in a lot of colours.
Cell phone holster
Waterproof smartphone sleeve.
Cricket tool pouch
A small tool pouch with water repellent zipper. Made in two sizes, available in padded and non-padded versions also.
Available sizes:
Reflective stripe
A reflective stripe that you can use for tighten your trousers’ leg, so it won’t get stuck in the chain. Also, you’ll get a well-recognizable reflective stripe on your trousers.
Tool pouch
Practical for carrying your bike repair set in it. Easily clearable, washable.
Money pouch
This is a very simple, but very practical money pouch. Closes with a velcro and has 3 compartmens.
U-lock holder
U-lock holder with a pocket. Can be attached to your belt.
Available sizes:
Top tube protector
A padded tube, that protects your bike’s top tube from scratches. Available in two sizes.
Available sizes:
Available sizes:
Water bottle
ECMC limited edition aluminum water bottle.